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School Safety


Winters Joint Unified School District (WJUSD).  is committed to raising awareness about safety across the district.  This page is meant to share some of the roles and expectations for adults and students during urgent situations.


  • Before an emergency:  Make sure your emergency contact numbers are updated and on file in the school office.
  • During an emergency: Do your best to remain calm. Your example will cue others to respond similarly.
  • Don’t perpetuate rumors: This includes use of calls, texts, email and/or social media.
  • Avoid speaking with the media: Media involvement may hinder our goal to reduce the emotional and sensational aspects associated with a crises.
  • Await Communications: Expect communications from WJUSD’s communication system (aka robo call). Visit the district Facebook page (


In the event of an emergency, parents are notified by our District Communications System. Consult reliable sources for information during and following a crisis, including emergency messaging from the schools, the WJUSD website, WJUSD Facebook and any district hotlines that might be set up.

Case Studies

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Family Reunification

Staff will utilize the following procedures to properly release students from their care to a parent, legal guardian or person authorized in writing to pick up the student:
  1. At time of emergency, students remain with their instructor.
  2. Office staff to ensure master copies of all student emergency contacts and roll sheets are in their possession.
  3. Teacher takes roll on emergency roll sheet. Await directive from office.
  4. All sites to report to the sites and/or district emergency operations command center that all students are accounted for before dismissal considerations.
  5. Dismissal directive for an individual site or location will be issued by the Districts  Superintendent or designee.
  6. Once dismissal directive has been given all sites to activate either the onsite and/or offsite relocation areas. (see site plans)
  7. The District Office shall use the communications system (aka robo call) and social media to notify parents of the parental assembly area.
  8. By direction of the District Office the districts crisis management teams will be dispatched to the activated relocation area to assist with reunification.

Anonymous Reporting

Students may elicit concerns from those around them in a variety of ways. They may make threatening or concerning statements in person, online, or in a text messages, they may engage in observable risky behavior; or they may turn in assignments with statements or content that is unusual or bizarre. When this occurs, those around the student need a method of reporting their concerns to the district.

Below are methods of anonymously reporting such threats or concerns. 

To anonymously report threats or suspected acts of violence against students, staff or school:

  • This method should only be used for non-emergency type reports.
  • In the event of an actual emergency, please call 911.
  • All reports will be sent to site administration and will be evaluated and distributed based on District procedure.
  • This method should not be used to bully or spread rumors.