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Current Board Resolutions

Resolution Ordering Governing Board Member Election and Requesting the Board of Supervisors of the County of Yolo to Consolidate District Election with Regular Election Held on November 6, 2018

Certification of Signatures

Certification of Results of November 6, 2018 G.O. Bond Election

Establishing A General Obligation Bond Citizens' Oversight Committee

Reduced Day of Attendance Due to Emergency Conditions for the Preschool

Authorizing the Issuance and Sale of its General Obligation Bonds, 2018 Election, 2019 Series A in an Aggregate Principal Amount not to Exceed Seven Million Nine Hundred Thousand Dollars

Approval of Application to State Board of Education to Waive Specified Code Requirement for Bonding Capacity

Release of Temporary Certificated Employees

Acceptance of Agreement for Termination of Leases and Quit Claim Deed for the Winters High School Bleacher and Stadium Lighting Replacement Project

March 7, 2019 Budget Revision

Resolution of the Winters JUSD Board of Trustees Relative to the Reduction or Elimination of Particular Kinds of Certificated Services 

State Building Funds Application

Compass Charter School Approval

California Day of the Teacher 

Classified Employee Week

Supporting Award of the Lease-Leaseback Agreement for the Rominger Elementary School Portable Relocation Project

The 2019/20 Education Protection Account (EPA) Funds and Accountability Requirements

Salaries of Management, Confidential & Other Unrepresented Employees

Supporting Award of Lease-Leaseback Agreement for the Winters High School Track Project

Resolution to Enter into an Energy Service Contract

Resolution Approving, Authorizing and Directing Execution and Delivery of a Site Lease and a Lease Purchase Agreement and Authorizing Certain Additional Actions



Board of Trustees Members

Pictured from left to right: Trustee Muldong, Trustee Olivas, Trustee Warren, Trustee Green, Trustee Anderson.

(Picture taken June 2017)


Robert Warren

Board President

Trustee Area 4

Term Expires: 2022

Michael Olivas

Board Clerk

Trustee Area 3

Term Expires: 2022

Ralph Anderson

Trustee Area 1

Term Expires: 2020

Rudolph Muldong

Trustee Area 5

Term Expires: 2020

Carrie Green

Trustee Area 2

Term Expires: 2022    



Winters Youth Day Parade 2018

Winters High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

Thank you Winters! On Wednesday, September 6th, we held the official ground breaking ceremony for our new facility at Winters High School. We appreciate your ongoing commitment to the students and community of Winters through Measures R and D bonds.